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Funeral White Dove Release

We are the number one choice of Cemetery & Funeral Homes in Southern California. We go the extra mile in service for your Celebration of Life Services. Call & order in Orange County or Long Beach & Riverside or parts of Los Angeles: Anaheim Cemetery Anaheim, CA l Ascension Cemetery Lake Forest, CA l Christ Cathedral Memorial Gardens, Garden Grove, CA l El Toro Memorial Park, Lake Forest, CA l Fairhaven Memorial Park , Santa Ana, CA l Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cypress CA l Goodshepherd Cemetery, Huntington Beach, CA l Holy Cross Cemetery, Anaheim, CA l Holy Sepulcher Cemetery Orange, CA l Loma Vista Memorial Park, Fullerton, CA l Magnolia Memorial Park, Garden Grove, CA l Melrose Abbey Memorial Park, Anaheim, CA l Memory Garden Memorial Park, Brea, CA l Pacific View Memorial Park, Corona Del Mar, CA l Santa Ana Cemetery, Santa Ana, CA l Westminster Memorial Park Westminster, CA l All Souls Cemetery, Long Beach, CA l Forest Lawn Long Beach CA. Funerals must pay $ in full right when we arrive only no exceptions call to order White Doves at (714) 622-4095


Movie & Television Film White Dove Prop Rental

Professionally trained flying animals, and props for feature film TV, 

background decor, commercial, stills, and television video production. Trusted by Hollywood studios for over 50 years.


Pricing For Funeral Homing White Doves Release Orange County (714 ) 622-4095

White Doves  Prices

1  Single Dove Release     185.00

2  Two Dove Release         200.00

3  Four Dove Release        225.00

4  Six Dove Release            245.00

5  Eight Dove Release       265.00

6  Ten Dove Release           285.00

7  Twelve Dove Release   325.00

8  Twenty Dove Release  350.00

9  Thirty Dove Release     450.00

10 Forty  Dove Release    525.00


Pure white doves .....hourly rates : released or not. Orange County Long Beach Anaheim Santa Ana Huntington Beach Cypress Irvine Newport Garden Grove Costa Mesa Fountain Valley Tustin Fullerton Brea Riverside Westminster California

Call (714) 622-4095

Burial at Sea Ash Scattering  Newport Beach 

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Funeral Limo Huntington Beach   Newport Beach

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Our Release Dove Service : Ask about free video filming

Book your date call for White Dove Rental (714) 622-4095 Orange County Long Beach Riverside California 

Company Polices


All customer(s) must read all rules . All rules still apply even if not signed.

                                                White Bird(s) Rental Company Rules & Polices     The  retainer is to paid in full before event. We do not hold the day or time unless service is paid if full for weddings. Bird Release(s) are no later than 2  1/2 hours before sundown. We own all filming rights no exception(s)__________   No bird(s) release in rain, wind exceeding 19mph, No fly at temperature over 83°degrees  Fahrenheit, foggy or cloudy days or thunder lighting storms, all person(s) not moving back 12' or more feet from birds flight path will cause the bird(s) not to be released. No birds will be released  unless we are paid in full.  Any human at event harming or teasing animals will terminate our service agreement with no return of funds. Customer(s) is responsible for having insurance. __________  Customer(s) must pay in full when we arrive no exceptions. On day of funeral(s) service(s) payment in full right when arrive note: Any payment later than 15 minutes on agreed time will have a added fee, not acceding 1k. We charge hourly even if birds are not released customer(s) still owes the hourly charge paid in full no exceptions.    Customer must read & understand all terms & agree. x_______________________________  Date_________________    Time:_____   Event date:_____________          Venue:_____________________________